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Guitar Picks

Guitars are modern instruments of design and beauty, possessing an art-like quality that is both classic and elegant. Guitar Picks is about interesting people who delight in exploring their passion for both playing and collecting this amazing instrument. In this 12 part series hosted by veteran guitar icon Kim Mitchell, we meet guitar musicians, both professional and amateur, along with many manufacturers and collectors.

We profile everyone from veteran professional guitar players like Keith Scott, Chad Kroeger and Jay Jay French to manufacturers like Gibson, Fender, Santa Cruz, and Godin. Guitar Picks will introduce viewers to an amazing group of individuals, tell their stories and reveal their passion for all things guitar!

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Guitar Picks Webisodes:

Webisode 1- Bill Collings

Webisode 2- Gordie Johnson

Webisode 3- Harry Manx

Webisode 4- Ian Thornley

Webisode 5- Jack de Keyzer

Webisode 6- Jay Jay French


Webisode 7- Mark Rashotte

Webisode 8- Mendelson Joe

Webisode 9- Michael Stevens

Webisode 10-Rick Emmett

Webisode 11- Rudy Pensa

Webisode 12- Sue Folley

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